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CCNA is a popular certification in the world of networking. Cisco is world leader in producing quality network equipments and almost all companies have some sort of Cisco equipments in their network. Cisco router and switches are the most common network devices that companies have so they always need someone with Cisco certification to handle, troubleshoot and configure their networks.

Due to good demand of the Cisco certified professional, getting CCNA certified is always a good choice for the networking professionals. CCNA certification increases your chances of getting job in the IT or networking field. It gives you an edge over the other job applicant so start your journey for getting Cisco certified professional.

You can prepare for CCNA exam with self study. CCNA is not tough exam if you study hard and smart. Cisco exam includes multi choice questions with some network simulations. Practice CCNA labs and understand the exam topic properly to clear your CCNA exam in first go.

Practicing CCNA labs will prepare you for the network simulations that are included in the exam. There are some programs through which you can practice CCNA labs. Packet tracer and Gns 3 are the most common and useful programs used by large number of network professionals and students. Packet tracer is created by Cisco systems and works great for the preparation of the CCNA labs.

If you want to practice some labs then you can download them from packet tracer labs. After you have the basic working knowledge of packet tracer, you can start configuring and playing with CCNA labs.



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