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CCNA Syllabus 200-120


New CCNA syllabus is not much different than the old syllabus. Below is the new CCNA syllabus with the exam weightage.

Operation of the Data Networks                  5%

Basic knowledge about the networking concepts
Understanding of network devices like routers, switches, bridges, hubs and how they work in the network
Knowledge of various cables, ports and how to connect devices with correct cable, Operation of protocols of OSI and TCP/IP model

Switch technologies                                       20%

Understanding of the concepts and technologies of the switches 
Knowledge to configure switches and controls them remotely.
Knowledge to configure and manage VLANS with proper implementation of spanning tree protocol

IP addressing IPv4 and 6                                5%

Properly use IP address with understanding of subnetting with VSLM.
Know about the ipv6 address and its technologies.

IP routing                                                             20%

Configure router with basic and advance setup,
Understanding of routing protocols and should know how to configure them.
Know how to manage Cisco IOS and boot preferences

IP Services                                                         10%

Configure DHCP protocol on the router
Configure different ACL properly
Configure NAT and PAT with ACLs
Configure router with HSRP, VRRP and GLBP
SNMP version 2 and 3

Network Security                                              10%

Configure secure passwords on the devices
Secure switch port with commands
Configure ACLs to block or allow certain data on the network

Troubleshooting                                                20%

Troubleshoot any problem in the network
Use advance commands to troubleshoot network problems

Wan technologies                                             10%

Understanding of wan technologies like TI/E1, Frame relay etc
Configure wan serial connection with PPP or HDLC protocols



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