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Packet tracer is one of the best network simulator provided by Cisco. Students can practice a variety of networking tasks on the packet tracer. It consumes very less resources of your computer so you can run this even on old computers like Pentium 4 or Celeron with ease. It provides good hands on experience to the students and it’s very easy to work with. Packet tracer has more than enough functions to prepare you for the simulations that are given the CCNA exam.  Students must practice CCNA labs before your exam because CCNA exam has some simulation questions in which you have to configure and solve network problems, so to save your exam time and gain confidence, it’s very important to get yourself familiarize with the Cisco commands and network scenarios.

You will be given a limited time frame to finish your exam so you must have good understanding of all exam topics to increase your answering speed. CCNA labs can consume more time than other questions if you haven’t practiced enough. Time management is necessary in all exams and CCNA exam is no different.

If you are preparing for the CCNA exam then packet tracer should be enough to train you for the simulations in the exam but it’s not enough if you are preparing for other advance Cisco certifications. Although packet tracer is regularly updated by the Cisco with new functionality and supporting commands but advance certifications require much more than the packet tracer has. If you really want to get the real feel of the routers and switches than you can try Gns 3 which is a free software and its actually emulate the Cisco equipments rather and simulating them or you can buy real old routers and switches from eBay for cheap price to get real world like experience of working with the networks. All types of practices have its own pros and cons that I will discuss later in this post.

Packet tracer got this name for a reason, packet tracer allows you to capture packet from one device to another and do deep inspection on different layers of OSI Model to see really what’s going on inside the packets and how they travel throughout the network. You will see as you go that it's really interesting and effective to troubleshoot network problems.

Choose the appropriate practicing way

Use packet tracer if

You are preparing for the CCNA exam only.
You have slow computer or low computer resources
You want easy working interface with lots of supporting end user devices like PCs, servers etc.
You want to build network with huge number of devices.

Use Gns 3 if

You want real network equipments experience.
You want to see all commands of the Cisco devices.
If you are preparing for the CCNP, CCIP and other advance Cisco certifications.
If you want to see how the real data packets looks like because Gns 3 support packet capturing software called wireshark, it will show you significant data for analyzing.

Use Real routers if

You want to prepare for the CCIE practical exam.
You want real world experience of the Cisco devices.
You want to play with the various types of wires and manage them effectively.
You want to see how devices works in the real world and face many problems that are   impossible the know in the simulation
You want to get experience of the hardware problems and learn how to handle them.
You want to play with different router and switch modules and learn how to install them.

If you are just starting your learning process then you can download the packet tracer labs that will get you going with the packet tracer.



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